DuckDuckGo vs Google

Traffic Comparison

About 5% of my new visitors come from Google. About 15% of my new visitors come from DuckDuckGo. For whatever niche that I am filling, the Ducky option is filling spots quicker. Unfortunately these users from DDG seem to be more privacy conscious and have AdBlockers installed more often. So, unless there comes another way to monetize this traffic, Google and DDG are about equal from my view in ability to monetize traffic.

Quality Comparison

Previously trying the DDG search, I had found it initially very sparse and mostly just serving up Wikipedia pages without any broader index to bring in the larger web. I see this as mostly a financial consideration, seeing as how expensive it can be to maintain a large index. Now the search results are very similar with the exception of so fewer Ads results on DDG.

Ethical Comparison

Many people, and largely my cohort, prefer DuckDuckGo due to its respect for privacy. Personally this is not as much a concern for me against other considerations. However, I do see how this can become a deciding factor when the practical concerns are so similar. What do I care for Google making billions of dollars by selling my data unless I get some benefit from it. Play nicer or go home.