What is a cargo lockfile?

# This file is automatically @generated by Cargo. # It is not intended for manual editing.

What is crates.io?

When you compile a crate (a Rust package), with cargo, any dependencies must be pulled in from the official crate repository, crates.io, or from some other tertiary service. When doing so, it is necessary for security purposes to check the integrity of each pulled package and file against its intended checksum. This process can also help speed up build times, by letting the compiler know when a package already exists locally. Also, if a file was corrupted in transit, then that corruption will become apparent and prevent build errors from such mistakes.

How does Cargo.lock work?

Cargo.lock is structured in a similar format to Cargo.toml with the restriction that it just lists packages and their properties. Listed properties include name, version, source, checksum, and dependencies.